Friday, September 21, 2012

Last Week in Pigeon Forge

Hard to believe that almost three months have gone by in Pigeon Forge.  It was time to slowly get ready to head out.

Biggest job:  wash and wax Bella.  Finally cooler temps have arrived, so it was a pleasant enough job to finish in one day.  Only the gnats were annoying.  We knew some rain was coming our way, so we almost completed this chore early.  Just the windows after the rain passes need to be done.

Friday we went over to Maryville for Gary to get one last bagel at Panera - yes, he's addicted - and I ran into Michael's for some little birds.  You'll see why when I'm finished.

Saturday was my last day of work.  This is one of the slow periods at Dollywood, so they let two of us go home early.  I really love the people I work with, but the job is not one of my favorites.  Even though I said I wasn't coming back to everyone last year, here we are.  So this year I said maybe... 

Just as I was leaving, Donna came by and said it was her lunch.  Well, I hadn't planned to eat on park ever again, but I said sure.  It was hamburger day, and they were actually (for a change) delicious!  Nice send-off for me.

Sunday it began to rain, and rained all day Monday which was Gary's last day of work at the CG office.  Nobody was coming or going, so he actually closed a little early.  We looked at other CGs when we arrived last year and a few more this year as there are many around this area.  Eagle's Nest is actually our favorite.  The sites can be a little unlevel, but there are plenty that are.  It's surrounded by a creek on two sides and a field and road on the other two.  Because we are DW employees and long term, we stay in the back where it's peaceful with other workers.  Most CGs have trees (which I like, but Bella's roof does not) and Eagle's Nest has free WiFi and Cable TV, so unless you NEED satellite you won't need an open site.  It also has a pool, playground, game room, bathhouse, laundry (coin) cabins and a doggy walk area.  They honor Passport America, Good Sam's, Military (including police and fire) with no limit, but not around holidays or Leaf Viewing time.  We would definitely stay here if we came up this area again.  The other park that is decent is King's Holly Haven right down Wears Valley Road from here. 

Tuesday Gary ran over to the hospital to get his port flushed and it also rained most of the day.  Flash flood warnings were all over the place, and we kept an eye on our creek, which can also flood.  It got pretty high, but Tuesday evening, it was still holding below the banks. 

With the exit of the rain, cooler temperatures arrived - hooray!  It was so cool, we needed the heat pump on to warm up in the morning.  Love these kind of days.  I love all the seasons - but in winter I have to be parked in front of a fireplace.  Unfortunately, we don't have one of those in our coach. :(

Thursday was our last play day with the Monroes.  I went to the clinic for a follow-up to my bone spur on my heel.  Just got a refill.  Then Donna and I went looking for a couple things.  Then Gary got home from golf so we had our last lunch at Five Guys.  Great fries.  Somebody mentioned Krispy Kreme, so we headed down there for a donut, and on our way back home, we stopped at Stages West - my favorite store in PF.  Ron had a credit he needed to use, and they were having a special on belts, which Gary really needed.  So the boys got belts and then splurged on hats.  Here they are sporting their new headgear:

I like the guy on the left best.

Then we stopped at Kroger for some stuff for tomorrow night which we will spend with Larry and Brenda one last time.  That's the sad part about making good friends.  You do have to leave them.  The good thing?  You get to come back!

Our house, by the way, in Sarasota, will be up for rent in December or January.  If anyone is interested let me know.  We may keep it for another year or so, but do plan to sell it one day. 

Wish we had something more exciting to show you, but right now it's day to day stuff. 

We're getting hitch itch really bad now.  Just a matter of days...


  1. I don't know where the time went. Any chance you may make it to the Carolina Clan gathering at Huntington!?!?!

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails......

  2. wow I can't believe how fast the time went on your guys....I so love PF...Gary looks great :)