Thursday, August 9, 2012

Working Weekend

Friday I didn't go in to work until 3 pm, and Gary needed his port flushed.  His old Doctor had moved to a new office, so we wanted to show him how well Gary was doing.  Their new offices are nice, and it was great catching up with Sonya and her little guy (pictures). 

I worked until 11 pm, and although it wasn't too busy because of some rain, cleaning the giant grill is strenuous. 

Saturday was my day off, so I scraped wall paper, and cleaned up watching the hummers all the time.  They are very territorial, and the girls go at each other zooming past the windows and hanging out at the feeder ready for a confrontation.  Funny little things.

Sunday was another work day for me, and some big storms rolled in which scared all the guests down from the top of the hill.  They close the rides for an additional 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard, and as they came down to the Market Place, it started to pour.  That's good for us, because the smell of those sausages is so tempting that lots of guests end up purchasing food during the wait.  I pay attention to the weather, and was prepared with my raincoat and umbrella for my 4 pm departure.  My sweetie picked me up and we listened to the raindrops on the roof most of the evening.

Monday there was a 60% chance of rain, but not a drop on us, just all around us.  Gary worked in the CG office all day, and I opened the sausauge stand but it was slow (yeah, tell my body that) so I got to go home 30 minutes early. 

That's it for right now, because tomorrow something happened that needs its own couple of blogspots. 

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