Monday, August 20, 2012

Time to Redecorate

Friday was a work day for me although it promised to rain most of the day, so I wasn't expecting to work very hard.  I had to 'close' the sausage stand, which meant cleaning everything and getting the cash ready for the next day.  Well, it rained a lot in the evening, which shooed most everyone out of the park, and I got out of there around 11:30.

Saturday was low humidity, so after some groceries, I scraped off the rest of the wallpaper then asked Ron if we could take a look at the Jeep A/C switch.  We popped off the vent cover, then unscrewed the front panel surrounding the radio and A/C stuff.  We tested the switch power with his test light  and each contact had power.   

So it might be the resistor under the dash on the passenger side.  We crawled under and hung out the door trying to reach the very back of three screws. The resistor had some dirt we blew off, but the wires were all OK.  So we tested the fan speeds.  The third position didn't work when we bought Mesa six years ago, but it worked with the test light.  So we are pretty sure we need a new fan switch, which we need to get from a dealer.  Fortunately there is one right up the road as are plenty of Jeeps around here.
Sunday I worked from 10 to 3:30 really hard as it was the last day of Dollywood Nights and the weather was perfect.  Whew, came home, showered and had lunch.  It seems we are eating later and later.  Last night we ate dinner at 9 pm.  Oh, well, when you work for someone else, your time is not your own. 

The boys put in the fan switch and voila!  We had all speeds.  We were in need of more freon, and after this, we had nice cold air and a choice of four speeds.  Yippee skippee!

In between working, I began on the window treatments.  We had to take them down and strip them of the old fabric, leaving the padding in place.  Some of them needed replacement padding, so I used quilt batting thus:

I just stapled it where it needed padding.  Then I placed the fabric pattern where it looked most attractive and equal, and started stapling.  I used the original cording as it matched.

The end product:

The next step is to take off the backboard from the mirrored headboard.  I called Newmar (they are so wonderful) and the guys were scratching their heads looking at the specs.  When they said double-backed tape, I just started pulling.  One guy said "Oh, wait a minute - it's screwed on" - but it was too late, I had pulled the screws out of the wall.  Ooops.  "Will I hit anything important when I screw it back on?"  I asked.   "No, there are wires, but not in that area," they answered.  Whew. 

Wait till you see what I use on that...

Anyhow, off to work again today, and then I have four days off, so I may be able to get a lot done.  It's so much fun to redecorate!

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  1. WOW, you sure have fixed a few things lately. New air for the jeep and new window treatments for the coach!!! Looking Good:o))