Thursday, August 9, 2012

Our Little Visitor

Monday night, my daughter, Michelle, called and told us that her son, Lance, was so bored because they were in North Carolina and his sisters and brothers were all in camp.  Could he come visit with us?  Well, since we weren't working until Friday, they brought him all the way over on Tuesday morning.  We all went over to Dollywood, had lunch and visited the Country Fair section.  Little Henry (almost 2) does not like rides at all and screamed so loud on one, that they stopped the ride so he could get off.  [hasn't grown out of that stage yet].  However, Lance was having a ball on the Dizzy Disk:

and the scrambler with MomPom:

while Henry did his favorite thing:  splashing in the puddles:

They had to leave to pick up the boys at the end of day camp, but we stayed to see Lance fly on the Wild Eagle - TWICE  - ALONE!  Poppy was brave on the Mystery Mine and MomPom did the Thunderhead - the wooden rollercoaster.  Let me tell you - that ride is INTENSE!  According to Lance, I "screamed like a girl" the whole way.  He was right.

We waited and hour and half for Lance to complete all four courses in Adventure Mountain.  He is fearless for sure.  Be sure to click on this one to see how high he is!  He is upper middle in picture.

Thank goodness they all are harnessed in.

We finally got out of there around 6:30, and then met Donna and Ron, their daughter and two grandchildren at Smokey Mountain Brewery for half-price pizza night.  They got their pizzas, but we didn't.  Finally the manager came to see us and apologized for having our pizza delivered to another table - and they ate it!  So when we finally got our pizza, it ended up free.  Well, that's a good thing.  We needed to get home, get cleaned up and to bed, for tomorrow would be another fun-filled day.  We watched a little of the Olympic coverage and continued to cheer for the US.  [I am continuously amazed at what these people do with their bodies.] 

So this ends Tuesday.  On to Wednesday....

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