Saturday, March 13, 2010

Funny Story

Much later I am writing because we have been unbelievably busy. We left on March 8 by taxi and two planes, the first from Sarasota airport (our first flight from there ever) and the second from Atlanta into Shreveport, LA. When we landed in Shreveport, I called Stewart who was planning to meet us with his car, but instead he met us in our new coach just outside the arrivals door. There aren’t too many airports that you can drive up to and park these days, but there he was and there was Bella! She was even more beautiful than we remembered. Stewart told us that the parking attendant asked where he wanted to park that thing, and when he said ‘at arrivals’, she saw the sign on the door “sold to Peggy Moore” and she asked “Who is Peggy Moore?” He said “didn’t you see the Oscars last night?” “Oh, no,” she said, “I didn’t”. And he said “well, this is her coach and I get to pick her up myself”. “In that case,” she said, “go right up front there, and she shouldn’t have to walk too far”. Surprise - I’m a celebrity! Stewart started driving out of the city, and it began raining, but by then, Gary was driving and he drove it all the way ‘home’. We thought we would be there the rest of that day, one more and leave on Wednesday, but it was not to be. There was a major slide issue, ‘no ice’ maker issue, wiper washer issue that were all fixed, and we went through all the things that were left in the coach.
We finally left on Friday morning and headed out into fierce winds, making it to Breaux Bridge before we called it quits. We pulled into our spot on the lake, met our nice neighbors (he worked in the Congo with oil rigs) peeked into their cool 5ver with twin bunkbeds in the rear, and snuggled in our cozy new bed. Got up ‘early’ and left around 9:30 planning to make it to DeFuniak Springs, FL. Battled the wind all day, and a horrible Rte 10, but we made it, parking with the help of Bill into a pull-thru near the road. We watched the sun set through the trees, had great cable TV, and crashed again! Gary has done all the driving so far. He’s great at it, even getting into a gas station for diesel. What a guy! The next day was an all day affair, battling the wind once more, but Bill had recommended a new route he said was easy and empty. What a great route, thanks, Bill! We arrived at our last stop in Ocala, we got there in time for a wine walk. As we walked by the deep black muddy areas near a farm, I remembered the smell from home after Dad plowed the field for planting. We called Jimmy and Rubye to see if they would like to meet our new home, but they were in bad shape both needing back surgery soon. So we wished them well and promised we’d catch up with them later. The next morning we dumped all the tanks, and headed out for our big arrival at the Storage Compound. We decided to take University to Tuttle to Tallevast, and it was a piece of cake to back into spot number 26. Fantastic job, Honey!

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