Thursday, November 5, 2009

Turtle Steps

We packed up and headed out to LazyDayz – the World’s Largest RV Dealer and Camping World next door. We missed the exit which was before the facility, and took a long ride around back looking for it. But hey, we’re practicing for when we’re not in a hurry anymore, and we made it a pleasant diversion instead of the usual aggravated “where ARE we going?!” type behavior. We stopped at Camping World first, and browsed the whole store. I guess everything you need is in there, but it didn’t strike me as particularly large. And most of their stuff wasn’t cheap, either. A lot of things I could have purchased at Walmart for about 30% less but some things are specific to Rvers and that’s why they’re in business. We didn’t stop at LazyDayz as they are in Chapter 11 and we’re being cautious. In my research it’s well known that RV sales are down these past years, and that was obvious when the dealers showed us many repos on their lots. I’m thinking that it’s a good year to buy even though we will finance it, because we still want our house until we are sure Gary is on the road to complete recovery or even better – remission. There’s a rig out there with our name on it. I’m still enjoying the adventures of Howard and Linda Payne. I’m reading their whole blog from the beginning of their adventure until present day, and copying and pasting important parts in a folder. I sure hope we can do this. Turtle steps. Turtle steps…

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