Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Not and EPCOT Day

We decided that a 30% chance of rain was too much of a chance for Epcot, so we jumped in the car after scribbling down directions to a couple of other RV dealers around the area. One day I look forward to boating on a lake or Gary fly fishing on a pristine river and catching our own fresh fish dinner. In the mean time tonight we are going to treat ourselves (yet some more) to the Bonefish Grill for dinner using a gift card.
‘Steve’ was better than the last guy; we didn’t even get into his office. Perhaps the line “we are not ready to buy yet” had something to do with that. He politely showed us anything we wanted to look at, but was a little blank in the knowledge department. Then we went to Independence RV and what a difference. We met a young salesman, Justin, and gave him the same line. He said ‘what can I show you?’ and we said used motorhomes with: freightliner or RoadWarrior chassis, 5 or 6 speed Allison tranny, Cummins or Cat 330+ HP… and then he realized we knew our stuff. AND a KING BED. ‘That narrows it down…but’ He led us right over to a beautiful Newmar DutchStar, 2004, low mileage, light wood interior, king bed, etc. He proceeded to tell us that he had watched these beauties not mass produced, but each one built for an individual customer. Could I be gullible?, because everything he said about Newmar sold me on them forever. If we had had the money right then I would have bought that baby and driven it home.
Following him into his office, we were prepared to get up and run, but instead we talked a little about his family and how good the dealership was to him. He gave us his business card, some payment and insurance information, introduced us to a colleague who was also from North Carolina, shook our hands, and we left. We loved that rig so much it took all our willpower to not turn around and say ‘where do we sign?’ That’s the way we wanted to be treated – as customers, not dollar signs.

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