Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We woke to a cloudless, cool morning, ate a tiny breakfast in anticipation of lots of delicious grazing all day, drove 15 minutes, parked and entered the gates. We were so early the park wasn’t even open yet! So we shared a cup of pumpkin spice coffee and a muffin then headed left to Mission Space. Last year I went on this ride, and couldn’t handle it. I’ve had dizzy problems (don’t you say anything, now) since many ear infections as a kid, and was hesitant to do this again. Fortunately they have divided the original ride into a less intense version and the intense version. Even standing in line, the warnings made me jittery and ready to back out. But I decided I could do anything for three minutes. The first minute of launch was much easier than last time, and the rest was enjoyable. Of course, I was the navigator, a full time position I will assume very soon!! What a great day and great food. Gary thinks it would be fun to work at Disney, so we talked with Gust at the Soarin’ ride about his employment with Disney, and he couldn’t speak highly enough about how much fun he has daily after losing his 20 year contractor job. Even living an hour and 15 minutes away, he loves his fun job. Then we talked to Debbie on the shuttle boat. She is a stew and works part time when she is in town. So maybe this will be our winter job to earn some serious money, stay relatively warm and be near family for the holidays. Then off again for more adventure!

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