Monday, December 7, 2009


We were a little excited about today because Gary had his appointment with Dr. Patrice in Venice about starting full body electron treatments. If he is accepted into this program, it could mean full remission. The Dr. says it is would be tough: 8-12 weeks, 4 days a week for about thirty minutes, and 1 hour roundtrip. He will confer with the other 3 doctors working with Gary and discuss the procedure and time frame. Chip, the technician, will need to devise lead eye contacts and some type of fingernail protector to eliminate losing them. Then we went over to his regular treatment of his eye and jaw (only one more tomorrow), but Dr. Silverman had already heard from Dr. Patrice and they decided that he would begin treatment on his feet tomorrow as well since the full body won’t be able to reach the soles when he’s standing. We came away thinking that this would be his best chance at beating this because it is still only on his skin and he has been responding well to every radiation treatment so far. I am hopeful, so hopeful.

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