Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Good News and More Good News

Gary finished up his foot radiation on Monday, and he was really feeling a lot of pain, so asked the Dr. for some meds. We stopped at Walmart to put in the prescription and I grabbed some more giant bandaids. Poor guy. On the way back to my car in the parking lot, there was a beautiful sunset. I wish I had had the camera. I wish I had been on the beach! The Venice radiation office called to cancel his appointment today because they need a physicist to recalibrate the radiation machine. They will call when it is ready knowing that Gary is MORE than ready to get this stuff gone. I doubt it will be before Christmas. There are only 15 more days till Granny goes to NC. It will be a big change for her and Mandy and us, but I’m ready for it! We are contemplating selling the house if we love this fulltiming thing, but not until next year. The value will rise a little by then, too. We keep looking for a MH, and see some good ones out there, but can’t do anything about it yet. Guess what? The phone just rang, and it’s THEM. First treatment today at 4 PM. Yippeee! We’re in the car and gone… It’s now 8pm and we are ecstatic. The Dr. who built the thing says that he has done this many, many times and Gary is one of the least affected he’s seen. All the other patients have responded really well, so he expects full recovery for Gary! In the big picture, who knows if our health will last? But if our health doesn't last, at least we will say we had some fabulous years. We’re going to look online for MHs now – later J!

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