Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Honey

Well, Thanksgiving came and went very quietly with a delicious turkey pot pie that I made from leftover “thanksgiving” turkey. But the most exciting thing is that yesterday our new SeaEagle 380x arrived! After Gary’s return from radiation, we opened the box and started putting it together. I did the paddles and the seats, and Gary put the floor in the bottom of the kayak. The footpump is really easy to use and within 6 minutes we had the pontoons inflated to within ¾ depression, seats clipped onto the D-rings, floor inflated and were sitting in it in front of the Christmas tree. But we couldn’t find the straps that held the seats to the floor. Oh, there they are (under the boat). The next thing we had to do was take it down and see if it will fit back into the ‘bag’, which is really a flat piece of vinyl with four flaps that fold up around it. I’m going to sew a bag for the paddles and the pump. We can hardly wait to get it out on the water! We’ll see what the weather is like Friday. There is a huge storm heading our way that should arrive in about an hour. Till later…

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  1. A sea Eagle is on our wish list! We love staying near water , but never have a boat to go on it! Looking at a Sea Eagle kayak. We are enjoying your blog, have been reading it from the beginning.