Monday, November 12, 2012

Some More Fixes and Then Sunshine

On our stomping ground in Florida, Pleasant Lake RV Resort, we stopped by Independence RV in Winter Garden for a couple little fixes - like the water leaking out under the fridge, a couple of screws loose that we weren't sure we could fix, but turned out we can from now on, and a tail light problem.  We stayed overnight, ooohed and ahhhed at this year's Newmars, bought a lottery ticket, and left the next day with everything in working order - for now.  

checking it out
Pleasant Lake RV Resort in Bradenton welcomed us with open arms and we parked in our favorite spot until after Christmas.  It was such a wonderful feeling to wake up to sunshine, warm weather, full hookups, cable and wifi for $199/month.  Yes, that's right.  It's worth it to go to those RV shows, folks, just for the coupons.  Normally this place is $540 plus electric and doubles in January, so we love those coupons.  Course, it's only for one month, but that is still a deal for November and December in Florida.  This is our site:

We only have two neighbors in a stretch of 15 sites, but it will pick up the end of this month. 
Yesterday we got a call from our property manager at 7:30 am to tell us that our renters had noticed water bubbling up from the ground near the driveway.  Our plans to go to church were scrapped as Gary headed over to discover what the problem was.  The County Utility truck came and shut off the sprinkler system connection.  Turns out it was a small PVC pipe we'll fix with the other fixes we need to do for our new renters.  Then we drove up to St. Pete to see our 6 grandkids: Lance, Lauren, Ellie, Charlie, Graham and Henry.  Caught a few pictures of some of them:
Michelle made pork tenderloin and veggies, while the kids made brownies (and licked the bowls clean).  Henry enjoyed his CAT bulldozer and dumptruck for his second birthday.  Graham is the first one coming to stay with us this weekend.  He's going to try out his new RC speed boat that Poppy is working on.  Pretty intricate stuff.

Meanwhile, we will do appointments and chores, but are looking forward to kayaking again, and getting some new bikes!  Life is, yep, good!  And most of that is due to our Vets.  Thank you to all who make our life so good!

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  1. Six grand kids must be exciting, either one of ours can wear me down in short order:)