Friday, November 16, 2012

Big Decision

Monday I called our friend and realtor to set up a meeting.  She said come on in, so we met Kim, the rental agent and Ellen's collegue.  We hashed around the pros and cons of renting vs. selling and we decided to SELL!  I have officially given up this Plan B.  We left a message of our plans with our renters but they called back and said they knew of someone who might be interested.  We meet with them on Saturday.  We will be VERY LUCKY if we can sell without a realtor and without a hitch...

Meanwhile our Jeep part came in so we made an appointment to have that put in.  Five minutes later, the tech said it was the wrong part.  He did have the right part.  OK, put that in.  Drove off the lot, and the engine light came on again.  REALLY??  Turned around, and they looked at it again.  It needs another part.  It will take a few hours, so come back tomorrow at 8 am.  Gary said to take a look at the brakes as they felt a little soft.  Well, you know they found something wrong.  The oil was leaking onto the pads.  Four o'clock they call and the courtesy van comes to pick him up at the coach.  I didn't even ask how much.  But it's cheaper than a new car...

Yesterday it was cool and cloudy - perfect for washing and waxing Bella.  Gary washed the roof, then I took some paste wax up there to do the top edges.  Unfortunately, some of Bella's gel coat is flaking off.  Don't know what we can do about that right now. 

We got her all washed and the plan was to wax her today, but it is misting and foggy, and anyhow, our little Graham [6] is coming over for the weekend.  His mom told us he woke up and said "It's a great day, Mom, a great day!"  Let's hope we can make it special for him.  He will get to try out his new boat on the lake.  We may have to try out our boat on the lake, too, if his little boat gets stuck somewhere.  There is, to my knowledge, only one alligator in that pond.  I've seen him, and I'm not asking anyone if there are any more.  Don't want to know.

 Haven't been to the beach yet, but plan to do some kayaking somewhere sometime. 

Graham just arrived and he is so excited.  So gotta go and have some fun with the grand.


  1. This post made me laugh :) I don't want to know some of those things either! Rick took our Jeep in for an oil change Monday and guess what? He came back with new front brakes!
    Good luck with your meeting tomorrow. That would be wonderful if you could see it so quickly and without incurring those Realtor fees. Will be waiting to hear all about it :)
    Have fun with Graham. I'm sure it will be special just spending time with Grandma and Grandpa.

  2. I'm smiling...just so cool you decided to sell and might already have a buyer!!! Can't wait to hear...we will keep our fingers crossed:o)) In the meantime, have fun with really is about making memories!!

  3. Congratulations on the decision to sell the house. Once sold there will be a lot less stress in your life.
    The gel coat peeling is a known problem. My shoulder area started peeling this year. I haven't heard of anything that can be done to stop or slow down the problem.
    We are in northeast Texas and will head farther south after the holidays.

    David & Arlene H

  4. We took our Buick to have the oil changed today and came home with new rear brakes, a serpentine belt and oh, an oil change. $511 later..... But we love our Buick and Joe keeps it looking AND running like new and it is soon to be 10 years old.

    We live in a Senior Mobile home park. When Joe bought our home here, the lady had only had the for sale sign in the window for a half hour when Joe and his late wife drove up. He called the number on the window, told the ownerhe was parked in front of the house and if she was willing to show them the home they were interested. Yep they bought it. It was perfect for them, and now it's perfect for me too :)

  5. Good luck on the sale! That's our wish some day! I love the Dutch Star, regarding the roof, the clear coat can be removed and reapplied by any decent body shop with the room to handle a rig your size. Shouldn't be too expensive but it's worth doing.

    As for the Jeep, not shocked, repair centers for anything these days hire the guys willing to work for less, so they get what they pay for. :(

    Have a great Thanksgiving!


  6. So excited for you that you've decided to sell! Hope your meeting with the potential buyers went well!!