Thursday, October 4, 2012

First Week in Raleigh

Ron and Donna arrived while we were standing outside our rig talking to a neighbor.  They parked and unhitched with no problem.  It was good to have them back safely.

As we were talking, an employee of the Fairground Safety Patrol drove up.  Gary was surprised to see it was an old workmate of his, Shirley!  Unfortunately, she was there to ask us to move our rigs as the front of the campground was supposed to be reserved for the carnies (people that work at the State Fair beginning Oct. 11).  We didn't have to move for a week, but other rigs were already arriving, so we wanted some good spots.  Drove down to pick out two spots, went back, closed up everything and moved 100 yards to our new spots.  We are now facing the woods where I can hear the birds even better. 

Saturday and Sunday it rained, and I worked again on Christmas presents.  Also a happy birthday to Donna on Saturday! 

Sunday we noticed that our fridge was getting a little on the warm side.  I always turn it off to move, and did so on Friday.  But it kept getting warmer and warmer little by little.  Time to make a call.  We checked all the Dometic things - level, ventilation and power sources were all OK.  That's all they could do.  Then we made a call to a local RV Service Center - Plemmons.  Since they don't do mobile service, they suggested Mario, who will arrive on Thursday morning.  You might remember that our Norcold fridge was replaced December 1, 2011 with this new Dometic.  Hmmm.

Meanwhile we packed up all our groceries and frozen food and drove over to Mandy's to use her garage fridge and freezer.  I hope this isn't a big fix...

Tuesday, Granny (Gary's mother, who turned 89, not 90 this year [my mistake]) needed some serious dental work, so we drove her over to the dentist and left her gently sleeping in the chair.  I worked some more on Christmas back at Donna's place, then they went to visit their son and daughter in law.  I fixed some pasta and meatballs from the freezer. 

Wednesday we needed to go to Burlington and Donna and Ron decided to go with us.  We had fun shopping while the boys had fun sitting in the truck.  At Belk's we found just what we had been looking for for about two months, and while we were discussing the price discrepancy, Donna mentioned what we were about to use these for, which included our lifestyle.  The salesgirls were fascinated, and we talked and talked.  Suddenly we got a text from the boys "HUNGRY".  So we said our goodbyes, and wished them luck on their dreams.

Tomorrow, my son and his girlfriend come into town for his birthday on Monday.  We haven't seen Tristan and Tracy since the spring in Miami.  I am also getting to visit my former hairdresser, Barbara, who has done my hair beginning with our wedding twenty years ago until we moved to Florida.  Looking forward to catching up with her!

Still raining and drizzling which makes our hay-covered red dirt really messy.  At least the grass is growing.  Colder weather is coming our way which will be a pleasure.  Tired of humidity and rain, doncha know.

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  1. I think we are your neighbors :) If you are the black Jeep I saw when we were out for a walk, we are a few coaches down from you in the same Jeep :) Maybe we can catch each other before we leave. Have fun with your family!