Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Squeezing in a Little Fun

It's kinda like being in the working world again.  The commute, the responsibility and the rewards.  The best part about working for family is getting to see them so often!  I think the kids believe that we're a regular fixture now.  No more "PomPom and Poppy!!!"  It's just "hi, PomPom".  Either way, it's great!  The worst part is the 80 mile commute and the gas prices!  Yikes.

We are now working 3 days a week - MWF - just so I can get extra things done, like the windows, moving furniture to get underneath, and packing.  It's hard work, and my sciatica doesn't like it one bit.  Fortunately, I recuperate enough on my days off to do it all over again! 

I've been researching some pain relief other than drugs.  Turmeric (or curcumin - the ingredient that makes the root yellow) apparently has a lot of positive effects on many ailments.  More and more Doctors are looking into this root, a member of the ginger family, for the medicinal benefits.  Of course, I will check with my doctor to see if this is worth taking, as she believes in natural cures to an extent. 

Gary saw the gastroenterologist yesterday, and we scheduled an endoscopy to see what's down there that could be causing the difficulty in swallowing.  That's next week.  Today was PUVA and Physical Therapy for his shoulder.  Happily the PT prescribed playing golf - well, chipping for right now - as therapy.  He's getting out his golf clubs right now.

Tomorrow Gary will see another important doctor - an electron radiologist - that will hopefully be able to relieve some of the discomfort around his eyes.  He will be on his own, as I will be "at work".  I can't wait to hear the results. 

Last Friday we scooted over to Universal for a fun day just by ourselves.  We rode what we wanted to and didn't ride what we didn't want to. 

Dr. Doom's Fearfall - awesome!

At Margaritaville - yummy!

It was a relaxing day, with lots of Canadians visiting as spring breaks begin up there.  I remember those days!  When I lived in Canada for 15 years, I began looking forward to that spring break around September.  We always went to Florida for fun and sun (and WARMTH!).  I promised myself that I would live in Florida someday.  And dreams come true!  But in this life, we get to follow the sun where ever it is, which is so much more exciting! 

Still have no idea where we will be or when, but we really want to get up to Raleigh before we head out west to see more family and friends.  One of these days...


  1. Don't work too hard and keep having fun!!!

  2. Nice to see you having fun!!!! carry on..and don't work too hard...