Monday, February 6, 2012

Busy with the Grands

Sorry there haven't been many posts.  We are really busy with the grandchildren while their parents are on a trip to California for a week.  Thursday, when they arrive back home, we will be able to take a breath and report on what's new.

However, we do have an update on the 'PILL'.  Gary got his prescription for Targretin on Friday, and asked CVS to fill it.  They would call him on Monday to let him know it was in.  Monday it is, and at 4:30, Gary could wait no longer and called them.  After checking on his presecription, they called back to tell him that it was discontinued!  They will call his Doctor tomorrow morning to find out what to do.   Interesting...  what's next?

We'll keep you posted.....

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  1. Bet you are having a wonderful time with the grands..glad to see your both doing well...grrr on the script medication being discontinued..I would think the doctor would know that???? good luck!!!