Saturday, November 5, 2011

Friday through Tuesday - LATE

Friday was chemo day, and Cindy, Gary's nurse, had a cold so gave Gary a mask to wear.  She had one on, too, when she connected his port to the juice.  I felt left out, so they gave me one, too!  I suppose we looked really funny to everyone walking by.
By the time we left, it was raining steadily and was only going to reach a high of 50 - yuck.  So we decided it was tomato soup and grilled cheese day inside our nice warm coach.  Gary took a nap, but I was going to get my hair cut after 8 weeks.  I wanted something new, as the humidity will wane over the winter, so my curls will wilt.  This is the new cut Cindy gave me.  A little sleeker.

Gary was still napping, so I wandered over to JoAnne's for some yarn to go with some eyelash yarn Donna and I had chosen for a scarf.  They had the perfect color combination, but I didn't have my 40% off coupon.  So I left it there and came home with nothing.  I found the coupon on line, printed it and tucked it in my purse to use on Saturday after work. 
Instead I finished my punchneedle chicken and now I have two fowl pieces finished.  Here they are:

I plan to incorporate them into my new window treatments.  In the mean time, I love this new needle craft and plan to make lots of other things that are useful as well as decorative using my own designs.

Saturday I worked from 9 to 7 at the CG office, closed a little early, and ran over to JoAnne's for the yarn.  It will be perfect. 
Sunday Ron worked at the office while Donna and I (darn, I can't remember).  Around 5 pm Ron called from the office to say that he had received one phone call all day and it was from our friends Don and Lois White whom we had met at the first RV Dreams Rally in April 2010.  They were planning to stop here on their way back home to Virginia.  They had been on a mission trip to Arizona with Bill and Linda Napier but a leak had prevented them from stopping by on their way to Arizona as it put them a few days behind schedule.  They arrived around 6:30 and we all went to the Blue Moose for dinner. 
I had to work on Monday, and Don and Lois came in to register for another night.  We planned to grill some burgers that evening, and then Donna and Ron came over some some pie and ginger snap cookies Donna had baked - mmmm, still warm from the oven! 
We walked back and forth between rigs talking about what could be done here and there, and isn't that a good idea - I wish I had that - we can do that, etc.  Finally we called it a night.
Tuesday morning, Lois and Don were hitching up, so we took a few photos: 

The afternoon was going to be warm and sunny, so we drove to the Smokies and parked at the Welcome Center to catch the trolley into Gatlinburg.  The trees are still beautiful as you can see:
The trolley drops you off at Ripley's Aquarium, where we discovered that we were hungry (what else is new) and so we hoofed it up hill to the new Mellow Mushroom for some delicious pizza:

After our pizza splurge, we walked up and down the Parkway stopping at little boutiques and stores.  We both found beautiful gifts and I found a silver log cabin charm for my charm bracelet.  Unfortunately I left my gift in a store, but realized it before we arrived at the trolley stop, so walked all the way back hoping they had found it and kept it in a safe place.  Sure enough, they had it, but that meant we had to scurry to get the last trolley.  No worries, we made it in plenty of time.  Great fun.
And I'm going to end here, because something happened that will take a longer blog and I don't want you to think we fell into a hole or something.  Between computer issues and lack of time (having too much fun) this is VERY late.  So tune back in soon.

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  1. love love love your hair cut :) looks great on you-the crafts are pretty cool glad to see your having fun...I tune in whenever you blog :)...take care....hope Gary is feeling good...