Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Getting Cooooooooler!

The temperature dropped last night, but the winds never picked up even though we had our awning rolled up tight.  An ounce of prevention never hurts.

I worked all day at the campground office, had lunch there with my sweetie, people came and went, and then I went home to a surprise dinner of corned beef and cabbage my honey had prepared.  Oh, my, gosh!  Delicious!  Thanks, honey!

Sunday I got to go back to Dollywood to work!  I didn't know what I was going to do when I got there, but I was very excited to see everyone again.  I was assigned to the Pines Theatre for concessions.  That was my first time there.  Just before the three shows begin, we make fresh popcorn enticing noses to come our way.  I worked the register, then walked over to sausage to relieve a worker for their lunch break.  The high today was 64.  Very pleasant if you're from the north.  On the way there, Donna called and asked if I could get lunch at 3 so we could go together to use our passes to purchase tickets to Dixie Stampede for her daughter and two granddaughters.  I was a little late, but we got all the tickets.  Then I met Betsy, who was waiting for her husband to finish work, and we walked over to the quilting bee.  I left her there to work on the community quilt and walked up to the Grist Mill to purchase some Popcorn Grits on her recommendation.  They had a bag and it was a great price with my discount - Gary will love them (southern boy that he is)!

When I got home, he was complaining of a swelling and extreme tenderness on his left wrist, left shoulder and right tricep.  What???  The wrist and tricep were sites of injections, but his shoulder left me perplexed.  We were a little concerned about blood clots.  But, of course, it was Sunday, so he stuck it out. 

Monday I worked at the campground office, and he hobbled in with the laundry.  Undecided as to whether to call the Dr. or see if it got better, in the end he waited.  Big mistake.

One-thirty in the morning he wakes up in severe pain and is now scared.  He calls the Dr. and she assures him that it isn't blood clots.  He goes right back to sleep, and I lay awake for an hour. 
Tuesday morning, and he puts in another call to the office.   Off we go, and the diagnosis is:  cellulitis. According to Wikipedia, cellulitis is a diffuse inflammation of connective tissue with severe inflammation of dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin. Cellulitis can be caused by normal skin flora or by exogenous bacteria, and often occurs where the skin has previously been broken: cracks in the skin, cuts, blisters, burns, insect bites, surgical wounds, intravenous drug injection or sites of  intravenous catheter insertion. So. there we are.   Intraveneous antibiotic for an hour, a prescription, and we're outta there.  They did suggest he get a port, and tomorrow we have an appointment with a surgeon to discuss that.  Oh, joy.

Meanwhile, he was tucked up in bed, soup and sandwich was administered with lots of kisses, and promises of feeling better tomorrow.  Hopefully we'll get a better night's sleep tonight. 

Donna did some BBQ chicken for dinner, and then we piled in Willis' truck and drove to Gatlinburg for the 8 o'clock performance at the Sweet Fanny Adams theatre.  The best part of the show was the "Silent Movie Director" who chose people in the audience by placing hats on their heads and bringing them up on stage.  Everyone chosen really got into the act, and it was hysterical.  The rest of the show was eh.

It was getting chilly and we chose to opt out of a banana split at Mel's Diner.  We said our goodnights to all and headed inside to cozy up together.  Nite!


  1. sorry to hear about the cellulite problem....but happy it was caught early and isn't are in one of my most favorite areas..we were there in April 2010. I so enjoy your blog because I can recognize the places you talk about...stay safe and well...

  2. Hello,

    Just wanted to let you know that Terri and I are on vacation starting on Saturday 10/8 - We will be in Marysville on the 9th of r9 days. We would love to see you both. We will give you a call when we get in the area. Glad to see all is going well.

    John and Terri