Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fried Chicken and Birthday Cupcakes

Gary needed to get his third shot of Neupogen, so after that we stopped at JoAnne's so I could check out some fabric for the windows.  I decided exactly what I wanted to do, but needed some more measurements.  Gary waited for me at Books A Million, and we browsed there for forty-five minutes.  We got home and ate some lunch then I brought over the Navajo blanket my parents had bought many years ago for Donna to put some holes in it.  What I was planning to do with it was use it on the back seat of our Jeep as a seat cover (the previous owners had been smokers and there were many burn holes in the upholstery).  It fit perfectly, but needed holes for the seat belts to come up through.  With a little calculation, she used her fabulous Husqvarna to sew two large buttonholes that fit the buckles perfectly.  Gary and I tucked it in all around the edges, pulled the belts up through the holes and wha-la!  (I would have taken a photo, but it got cold overnight and he put the top back up).

Today was Donna's birthdy (no, I'm not telling) so we had a birthday dinner of Dixie's fried chicken, field peas, tomatoes and mashed potatoes. 

Oh, I almost forgot the gravy!

Happy Campers!

Happy Birthday, Donna!

We hung out at Dixie and Willis's fifth wheel for a while enjoying the last of the sun's warmth and then Ron wanted to go in, and Gary was pooped, so we said our goodnights.

Today was chemo day, but it was just warm enough to leave the windows down and put the heater on in the Jeep.  It is supposed to go down to 38 on Sunday night ---brrrrr. 

We asked if we were to see the Dr. today, but no, the PA told Gary that his white count was up appreciably and they were ready to give him the juice.  Perhaps we will find out next time how many more weeks we will be here in Pigeon Forge. 

It got cloudier and cloudier and there is a wind warning for tonight for gusts up to 25 mph.  You know our awning will be tucked up safely before we hit the sack.

Till tomorrow!

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