Saturday, August 10, 2013

Graham's Visit in North Carolina

We made it down the 7% grade from Virginia into North Carolina, piece of cake, and landed in the VanHoy Farms Family CG in Harmony, NC.

Casey VanHoy and family has owned this lovely country campground for many years.  This is also the site of the Old Time Fiddler's Competition as well as other concerts in their 12,000 seat arena.  Casey is an accomplished musician, and to ease stress, he gets on his tractor with his headphones on and mows about 2 acres of grass.  One night he's hanging out after dinner and gets a call asking if Willie Nelson and Brad Paisley could drop in for a visit.  [this would be in a helicopter from Raleigh].  Nice to have friends in high places.  :)

We were glad to have stayed here (as other friends we know have) but we should have driven all they way to Chapel Hill on the same day, as storms rolled in the day of departure.  AND it poured and thundered, AND traffic was horrible on 40, AND the bridge over the Yadkin River was closed and needed an hour detour around it, but we finally got to our new digs in Carrboro called Spring Hill.  It's got everything and since we will be here for two months, it is a real bargain.  We have a giant 70 foot pullthru, FHU, free (fast) internet, cable and nicely wooded lots.  Too bad we will not be at our site very much, because everything happens in Raleigh, which, unfortunately, is a 40 minute drive.

The day after we parked, we drove 3 hours to South of the Border where we were meeting Graham (6) who was going to spend some time with us.  He was beyond excited to see his cousins, Jack (9)and Ainsley (5).  Except for forgetting his suitcase, the dropoff went as planned.

Graham, Jack and Ainsley at Goodberry's
Then we drove two hours north of Raleigh to a friend's farm where Jack drove everyone around and around in the Kubota.

Jack was in camp all day for the first week, so Mandy (our daughter), Ainsley, Graham and we began on Monday with a trip to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham. 

Hi, cow

Need a scratch?
We started at the barnyard.  And moved on to the remote control boats, one of Graham's favorite things.  We had to pull him away from there with promises of going back if there was time...

But the butterfly house had some magic of it's own...

And of course the train ride, another favorite...

A good beginning. [Graham really can smile sweetly, really]

The next evening was a new experience called Frankie's.  Nothing boring about this place, and nothing quiet either.  The boys met friends and played a game of Laser Tag, then they went on the go karts three times, played video games and won tickets at SkeeBall, which Graham turned in for a whoopee cushion (oh joy) and a fake mustache (cute).

Friday came and we packed a suitcase for a trip to the lake house at Lake Gaston at the northern border of NC.  What fun that was!

Graham and Jack tubed behind the boat, they jumped off the dock a million times, Gary fished, we swam and ate and shopped and had a thunderstorm and generally had a ball. 

One, Two, Three, GO!
Jack and Graham tubin'
first kayaking attempt
Unfortunately our weekend ended and we headed back to Raleigh.  Sunday after church, we played in the back yard with friends and then headed back to camp.

Monday, was Defy Gravity day.  Our reservation was made a week ago and the kids had been waiting pretty patiently.  It is a building full of trampolines.  The light was terrible, so please excuse this photo of Mandy and Ainsley having a go.

(Our daughter also did a double flip into the foam pit more than once) 

The next day was deliver Graham to Mommy day and we returned to South of the Border for the dropoff.


He had a wonderful time, and so did we.  We are relaxing now, and doing a little work around Bella, but looking forward to some more fun in Raleigh...

Life is never dull...

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  1. Wow what a week...the grands sure keep you stepping:o)) What wonderful memories for all:o)