Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Back in Pigeon Forge, TN

Arriving at a campground that you have had a lot of history with is like coming home.  Thus it was with Eagle's Nest in Pigeon Forge when we arrived on Monday, June 10.  We were welcomed by an old friend, Rodney, who checked us in at the office.  We got a great spot, settled in, and then Lance checked out the river for a good fishing spot. 
He found one, dropped a line and settled down.  It's rained the past few days, and the river is up, but we call him No Fear Lance until..
he spots a snake heading towards him.  He drops the pole and jumps out of that river so fast, he left dust in his wake.  I rescued the pole (never did see the snake), and that was the end of fishing for that day.
The next day was a Cades Cove drive, picnic and Wonderworks visit.  Lance enjoyed the top down in the Jeep on our drive.
Usually if there is a traffic jam on the 11 mile loop around Cades Cove, it means something was spotted.  We sat in line, waiting to move up to see what it was all about (if it was still there), when all of a sudden a baby bear came running down the side of the road, right past the Jeep and into the field.  I wish I had seen him coming, but all I could get was this photo as he ran past.
Cute little thing. 
We stopped at the Dan Lawson house, my very favorite on the route, and I snapped this photo of Lance in front of his ancestor's home.  Should do some research into that, but it could be.
That little bear and a wild turkey were the only wildlife on the tour today.  We reached the half way point and had a little picnic under a huge oak tree.  It was a beautiful day, but we spent the rest of it at WonderWorks, which you couldn't miss in any touristy area.  It's a huge white pillared building that is upside down.   It's an interactive attraction that is fun for any age.  We had a lot of fun, but we loved the laser tag the most.  Then it was home for a campfire and marshmallows.
The next day started out beautiful, and Gary and I had managed to get two cancellations at the denstist's office.  Lance was great, sitting in the waiting area reading until we were done.  Then we made a stop at Walmart.  The storm clouds had gathered, and there was a huge downpour and we waited at the pharmacy till it stopped.  It was very fast and furious.  Walmart announced over the loudspeaker that there was a tornado watch, and to please wait in the store till it was all clear.  The sun peaked out and we headed back to the campground.  Soon we saw leaves all over the road, and trees down along the side.  Pulling into the campground, people were standing around surveying the damage. 

Fortunately, we escaped any damage, and the campground staff and campers, helped clean up the mess. Except for the water and leftover leaves, it looked much better. Sure glad it happened today, because the next morning we were planning our big adventure - zip lining!
Friday dawned beautiful and clear and a little cooler.  We needed to be in the parking lot at 9:30 - easy.  We waited for another family, and then we were off up a rutted road to the top of the mountain in the pick up truck.  We got fitted into our gear, had a small lesson and trial zip, and then we were ready for the real thing.
We loved it.  No Fear Lance wanted to go on the Extreme Lines, but no one else did.  So our guides, Mater and Buford, took him all by himself.  We gave him our little Kodak video camera, and if I could load it here, you could see what a half-mile long zip line looks like in the tree tops of the Smokies.  Awesome job, Lancer!
That was the first time he flew that day, as his mom flew up to Knoxville to pick him up.  With hugs and promises to have fun this summer, we parted until the fall.
It's great to have grands on adventures.  They keep you so young. 
So we were all alone.  Except for the two mice we had to track down and catch.  Cleaning out the bays and reorganizing (my favorite thing) we had more room than ever!  Our kayak said 'hello, when are you going to use me'??  So hopefully we will pull that out one day and hit the water. 
Today it poured all day, and the river is waaayy up the banks.  We might have to wait a few days. 
Tomorrow Gary is going to persuade his surgeon to take out the power port he installed almost two years ago for Gary's chemo.  Since Gary hasn't had chemo in almost two years, he might not have to persuade too hard.  But this means a surgery date, and we were hoping to leave next Monday.  We'll see what will happen tomorrow.
Anyway, today, life is good.  The engine light on the Jeep even went out for a couple minutes! Ha.

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  1. Wow, didn't know there was tornadic activity in the area! Your zip line sounds like fun too.