Monday, May 20, 2013

Yes, We Are Still Out There

We are still here, folks.  Just have been really busy, or had no internet service.  And now I have so many photos to show you, I am frustrated because after adding them to this post, half the photo is black.  Of course, Google has changed their photo addition format yet again, although, in my opinion, it worked just fine.  Sheesh.
Anyway, until I get that resolved, I'll fill you in with words.
We drove from Bastrop, TX to Lavon Lake, a COE CG in Wylie, TX to meet Ron and Donna.  They used to live in Dallas, and wanted to show us the Stockyards in Fort Worth and Dealey Plaza in Dallas among other things. 
Wednesday we had left Ron's brother's home in Blossom, TX and stopped in Wagoner, OK.  We made a stop at a cool store called Atwoods Ranch and Home where three of us bought cowboy boots for a great price!  [Now I just need a horse...] That stop put us back quite a bit mileage-wise, so it was a long 9 hour drive to get there Thursday night, as Ron had an appointment on Friday.  We are now parked at our friends, Donna and Ron's daughter's house in Fayette, Missouri, enjoying the beautiful farm land with rolling hills, pastures with horses and cattle, millions of birds, hummers everywhere and threats of tornadoes.  We could do without that last one.  Bad storms last night, but beautiful this morning.  Bad storms are predicted tonight, too, but there is a cellar in the farmhouse we can run to. 
We will be staying here a week or so, but need to be somewhere to pick up our grandson soon to have a two week visit with us.  More on that later...
Another thunderstorm is upon us, so I'm signing off.  If anyone knows what's up with photos, I'd appreciate a comment or email....

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