Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A New (and last) Job

We had a couple days vacation.  But around 3 pm on Tuesday, the call came.  Even though it was out in now-where-land, and a fracking job, we needed to finish within 3 weeks.  So we took it.  Our new digs:

 View straight ahead:
 View straight ahead, yep, still nothing.
Poor Bella.  We had to drive 2 1/2 miles on a rutted dirt road (but Gary did a great job, nothing broke) and we finally got set up without water or sewer around 4:30.  But we did have power, a good thing as it was 93 degrees.  So I'm in heaven, and Gary is not.  He's happy he doesn't have to back out of this gate.  We have half a football field to turn around in. 

Our first night was uneventful, with our first arriving at 5:44 am.  Ooops, missed that one - alarm set for 5:45.  Got him later when Gary drove another mile down this road to the second gate guarder, Len and Ann and their two dogs.  They have been doing this for 3 years after his dad got him into it.  They have actually done this gate before and love it.  They are over a mile past us on that road above.

I was taking a shower, when Gary yells to me "Quick, a coyote! Wait, it's ears are too big. It's a Jack Rabbit!"  They are as big as a cocker spaniel, and this one let me get pretty close before hopping away. 

The Scissortail Flycatchers are mating and making a nest somewhere.  They are pretty birds, and all over south Texas.  Also recognized a Cactus Wren at the yard yesterday morning.  Interesting call. Kind of a gulp, gulp, gulp.  Made me look, and take a shot to identify him.  My connection is really slow to upload pictures, so I omitted him.
This afternoon, a truck driver pulled over to wait for another truck, got out with a long hoe, and began poking the bushes and under trees.  He was rattlesnake hunting.  I went to talk to him, and he had just caught (yesterday) a 7 footer, and showed us the 13 section rattle.  I'm glad it wasn't still attached. 

Last night everyone got out, and tonight they are all gone, too.  Yay, that means sleep till 5:45 am.  Fracking will rearrange that, but we are going to try 3 eight hour shifts instead of two 12.  I'll let you know how that goes.

Cha chinging again.


  1. I would be sleeping with one eye open with rattlers that big around:)

  2. If I saw a rattler like that...I'd be gone...attached or not! :)
    It's getting awful hot in TX. Time to move north?