Friday, September 25, 2009

Our Dream

Sept. 25
Our Dream
So we slept on it and woke up looking into each other’s eyes. We broke into wide grins! We still wanted to do this! YESSSSS. I felt immediately energized. I jumped up and down and around in circles. THIS is what we were meant to do. We could feel it deep inside us just bursting to get out. Look out world – here we come! Suddenly there was work to do, plans to be made, so many things to research, tryout, people to call and news to spread. We revved up our laptops and got to work researching. Gary looked at rigs, I looked at blogs seeing if this fulltiming thing was something we could do on a VERY limited budget. I found which was written by a man who decided in his forties to quit his 6 figure job, sell everything he owned, buy a rig and travel with his wife (no kids) all around the country. They wanted the simpler life, giving back by helping keep this land beautiful. And that was 4 ½ years ago. Amazing? Well, if he could do it, so could we. Nothing was left to guess about on his site. He generously outlined his personal and business budgets every year, and explained everything he could about this lifestyle. We looked at what we had (not as much as he did), but, if we rented, it could be doable. Then we would still have our house to come back to if we wanted to, or sell when the market picked up. He chose a fifthwheel, and we are going for that, too. But it won’t be new like his entire rig. (He did have a very huge house that sold). But we owe nothing on anything, have an annuity we can’t touch without penalties until I’m 59 ½ , our bank account and one other small savings account that’s in a CD maturing in December. We figure that it will take us about 6 months give or take to do whatever with the house and contents, get Granny settled, purchase our rig and pack to go.

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